Assessment tool for mentor coaching schools

Manage the ever-increasing volume of video and audio sessions sent by students, assign mentor coaches, track progress, set deadlines, and customize competencies with the 1st assessment platform desisgned for mentor coaches: automatic and human transcription, video sharing, integrated core competencies, group assessment, team folders: all you need to optimize assessments for coaching schools.

Administrative tools

Reduce time spent on management: create lists of members and give each coach and student their own RaeNotes account, and pay for everything on a single bill.

Team's core competencies

Add your competency model to RaeNotes to facilitate online peer assessment to save time. Use different competencies for each group. Customize an assessment export form.

Peer and group assessments

Iniciate independent or group assessment to enhance the learning journey. Compare multiple reviews on one screen, stay aware of progress with statuses and notifications.

Keep everything safe in RaeNotes online storage

Keep all your recordings securely stored and shared with your team and clients. Track team's uploads and progress. Organize your library with shared folders, powerful search and tag features and pre-build filters. RaeNotes gives you secure access to all your files from any device.

Take Assessments to the next level

Assign a coach to assess students' sessions. Review the same session independently of each other's comments in a group. With RaeNote's Comparison Mode, users can see multiply assessments side by side and review chosen core competencies and comments. Simplify the process of comparing responses helping your team efficiently uncover key information and insights.

Track team's progress

Conveniently track who uploads sessions for a review, who reviews the recording, track statuses of the assessments to know if the recordings have been reviewed or not. Download billing report to control costs.

Centralized billing

Reduce time spent on expenses with centralized billing. You can invite coaches and clients to RaeNotes, and pay for their uploads on a single bill.

Integrate with tools and apps your team is already using

We will seamlessly connect your platform or LMS to RaeNotes using our API. You can enable single sign-on for your team. Single sign-on allows team members to access RaeNotes by signing in to your platform.


We will guide you through the platform, provide custom training and guides, and help you create your team on RaeNotes.

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