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Behind the scenes of our new transcription tool for coaches

June 13, 2020

Updated — Jan 2, 2024

In the past, reviewing coaching sessions was a difficult and lengthy process. You had to replay audio files numerous times, take notes, and evaluate against the transcript - all in separate apps. The result was wasted hours spent to complete assessments. We set out to change that.

Today, we're happy to introduce our solution. Raenotes is the first assessment tool for mentor coaching that automatically transcribes recorded sessions and enables coaches to tag ICF core competencies directly in the transcript with ease. RaeNotes uses advanced automated speech recognition to transcribe files. It converts audio and video files to text in minutes. Since the process is completely automated and encrypted, all data is safe and secure.

ICF core competencies

RaeNotes simplifies the completion of the assessment form. Coaches can quickly convert sessions to an ICF assessment form. Tagged competencies, markers with supporting behaviors, and coach feedback linked to the identified areas of strength and improvement demonstrate how fast the assessment process can be without overwriting notes and going back to the context. With Raenotes, 6-hour assessments of the coaching session will be a thing of the past. Now coaches can concurrently listen to, assess, and comment on a transcribed session saving at least two hours reviewing one coaching session.

ICF core competencies

Our goal is to streamline the assessment workflow for coaches. We've implemented a multitude of other features to improve collaboration with learners such as content sharing and intuitive discussion threading. In the single app, there is also a smart media library powered by the advanced full-text search that makes it possible to find everything that is spoken.

We've received a lot of positive feedback and confirmed that coaches who switch to RaeNotes report an increase in performance and engagement.

“RaeNotes has significantly streamlined my work as an ICF Mentor Coach. I’m saving at least 2 hours of time per client now that I can concurrently listen to, assess and comment on a coaching session. My mentor coaching clients appreciate the ability to access my assessment and written feedback directly through the RaeNotes platform. RaeNotes is exceptionally user-friendly and the development team has been most responsive to suggestions for potential enhancements to this excellent tool.”

Intuitive and efficient solution

There are transcription tools similar to Raenotes, such as Temi, TranacribeMe, Rev, but our goals are slightly different. They focus mainly on transcription, but we want to provide a better assessment process for coaches at the price of transcription service alone. Assessing coaching sessions is a complex process requiring the memorization of dozens of markers. Whether coaches are working towards ACC, PCC, or MCC credentials, Raenotes enables them with a full list of ICF core competencies. They can be added against behaviors demonstrated within the recorded session by one click. We do give the ability to select multiple markers associated with a single behavior to make the process really intuitive for coaches. Raenotes is the only service that allows coaches to export the assessment form along with the transcription.

ICF core competencies

Designed for coaches

Releasing something designed for the specific audience is more than just putting it out there for anyone to use. As we got closer to releasing Raenotes, we wanted to be sure to connect with coaches and meet their needs.

We were inspired by feedback as we communicate with ICF coaches from around the world to collaborate on this project. They undoubtedly provide immense value for the app and ICF assessment process as a whole.

We'd love to hear how you're using Raenotes — whether you're a coach or learner. Feel free to reach out to us directly at support@raenotes.com with your thoughts, feedback, and insights. We're excited to see what the coaches around the world will be able to accomplish using Raenotes and helping us expand the way the application is used in ways we never imagined.

Enjoy reviewing with RaeNotes and start a free trial today!