No one sees your data but you.

Data transfer and storage encryption

Rae uses HTTPS and encrypts all data that goes between you and Rae using field-standard TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security). Data is encrypted with server-side encryption AES-256 (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard).

Secure data centers

We store your data in data centers owned and operated by Amazon Web Services. These data centers provide highest levels of physical and infrastructure security. You can fild more information here.

Access control

You will always have access to your files. When your subscription ends you will lose Rae's functionality but you will be able to view, export and delete. When you remove it, we delete the audio/video and the transcription from our platform completely.

Rae's Employees

Employees don't have access to your audio and transcripts unless you give us permission. Our privacy page and terms of service list this out in further detail.

Third-Party APIs

Rae partners with third-party software providers to give the best possible customer experience. Before integrating with any company, we perform a review of their privacy protocols to ensure they have equally rigorous protection standards. When agreeing to the Terms of Use upon joining Rae, a user is agreeing to the sharing of certain information with third-party APIs that are vital to Rae’s functionality.

Disaster Recovery

The Rae service is hosted on AWS and architected using either clustered services or serverless implementations as relevant to the use case. In the event of a natural disaster, a combination of our backup strategy and infrastructure-as-code techniques would enable us to bring up a replacement environment within a few hours.