Secure Assessment Platforms for Coaches

No one sees your data but you.

How we protect your files

RaeNotes prioritizes data protection and confidentiality in every evaluation. We protect files that go between you and our app with HTTPS protocol and TLS 1.2 encryption. It ensures the secure delivery of your data over the Internet, avoiding possible eavesdropping or alteration of the content. Files in transit between our app and our servers, and at rest are encrypted with AES-256 (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard). It requires 2256 different combinations to break your encrypted message, which is virtually impossible.

Where we store your data

We store, process, and transmit your data in the United States in data centers owned and operated by Amazon Web Services. These data centers provide highest levels of physical and infrastructure security. You can fild more information here.

Who can access your data

No one sees your data until you decide to share it. You can expressly give permissions to specific people or make your content publicly availiable to anyone on the web. You control the level of access and set permissions to either view, comment, edit and share.

How we protect your privacy

You own your data, and it's our responsibility to protect your files from unauthorized access. Our privacy policy clearly describes what information we collect, use, retain, and how we protect it.

How long we retain your data

You will always have access to your files. When your subscription ends you will lose access to Raenotes' functionality but you will be able to view, export and delete your data. When you remove your files, we delete the audio/video and the transcription from our platform completely.

At RaeNotes, even we can't see your data

Raenotes' employees don't have access to your audio, video, and transcripts unless you give us permission. We only have access to file metadata (file sizes, upload date, not the file contents). We have strict policy and technical access controls that prohibit access to file content. Our privacy page and terms of service list this out in further detail.

Third-party apps

We integrate with third party services that are vital to Raenotes's functionality, such as Stripe for billing and payment, HubSpot to manage our sales and marketing activities, and various analytics services. We use OAuth, an industry-standard protocol for authorization, to grant third-party apps different levels of access without exposing your account credentials. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

Billing information

We don't store your billing information. We process all card payments through Stripe, a third-party payment processor. Stripe Inc. stores this data in the USA. To ensure this transfer is lawful, we rely on the fact that Stripe Inc. is certified as complying with the EU-US Privacy Shield regime. It retains all information related to payment transactions according to their privacy policy at

How to run Raenotes in the private cloud

Raenotes is the multi-tenant cloud application, which means that all of the customers share the same copy of the application code. Your data is stored in a single, shared, and encrypted database where all system passwords are encrypted using AWS Key Management Service. You can request an unique instance of the software where your data is physically separated from other customers’ data by contacting us.