RaeNotes Trascription

Transcribe fast. Create audio bookmarks. Comment and share.



Upload audio/video file from your computer. The transcript will be automatically generated in a minute.


Verify the transcript, edit if necessary, highlight important information for review, and add notes.


Post comments, discuss action items all within the context of the content, and share that information with colleagues.


Export the transcript as a text document.

Transcribing as it should be

  • Transcribe Fast

    RaeNotes saves you time with the high-speed recognition model that speeds up transcribing 5 times versus manual transcribing.

  • Clean Up Less

    RaeNotes' recognition model is powered by deep learning and industry-specific vocabularies to garantee 87-95% transcription accuracy.

  • Customize export

    Export your transcript in different formats with speaker's names, timestamps, and notes.

Play back parts of the conversation instantly

No more blindly scrubbing through entire audio/video files searching for the section you want to see. RaeNotes syncronizes the text within the video. Click on any part of the transcript and play the audio or video from that exact moment. As the video plays, RaeNotes will jump to the correct position within the transcript, keeping you on track and making sure you don't miss a beat.

RaeNotes lets you...

  • Recognize multiple speakers

    RaeNotes recognizes when the speaker changes and attribute the transcript appropriately. It allows to reduce the amount of work needed to transcribe audio with multiple speakers.

  • Upload any format

    RaeNotes transcribes video and audio formats arf, mp4, m4a, mp3, aac, ac3, aiff, avi, flac, ogg, wma, wav, and supports Webex recordings.

  • Make notes within the transcript

    Mark up and tag content within the transcript with different outcome categories and add your own notes.

  • Quickly replace misspellings

    Easily perform inline edits with the RaeNotes Transcript editor.

  • Generate Timestamps

    Rae matches the timing of your source recording.

  • Create audio Bookmark

    Leverage bookmarks to keep track of key information within your content.

Sharing made simple

RaeNotes lets you share uploaded audio and video with just a link. Advanced sharing permissions let you control access to shared recordings. You can allow viewers to read, comment, edit and share the recording.

Languages & Vocabularies

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