Making voice information simplier to discover, analyse and use

Our Story

RaeNotes was created by a group of developers and scientists who wanted an easy way to collaborate on meetings and training recordings and make recall data as natural as having a conversation.

Video and audio information is an invaluable source of information. But retrieving insights from unstructured recordings is hard, troublesome and time-consuming - especially when the amount of the content grows rapidly. Yet the right tool simply didn't exist.

So we decided to build one.

RaeNotes helps people across all industries to unlock tremendous value in audio and video content faster and to avoid duplicate work. No data loss. No more hours spending on reviewing recordings. No more missed details.

RaeNotes extracts significant data automatically.

Your recordings, transcriptions, contextual notes, and feedback from coaches or your team all in one place powered by AI to get work done together, faster and smarter.

Check out the product! Write in! We need early adopters like you to start a movement.

Our Team

We are a group of diverse experts from leading global technology companies like IBM and Rocket Software who have led development of technologies in machine learning, search, speech, and data analytics. 10 years experience of development, team management, and more than 50k+ meetings and training of baggage let us develop the platform that makes your learning and meeting experience better.


Our team is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA.

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