Your Intelligent Assistant for Mentor Coaching

AI Competency Finder

RaeNotes Competency Finder scans the textual transcription of your sessions to pinpoint likely areas demonstrating competencies, thereby allowing you to focus on the most impactful segments. Read on to discover how this tool can add a layer of intelligent analysis to your coaching sessions.


Step-by-Step Functionality

1. The Competency Finder scans through the text transcription of your coaching sessions, highlighting segments where there is a high likelihood of spotting a competency.

2.You have the power to manually convert these highlighted areas into coaching markers that align with your specific competency model.

3.While the tool points out likely areas for competencies, it keeps the most valuable part of the assessment in your hands. It won't auto-generate a review but serves as your guide in finding critical moments within a coaching conversation.


Key Benefits

Efficiency: Reduce the time spent scanning through entire transcripts and focus on moments that truly matter.

Precision: Fine-tune your assessment and review process by focusing on highlighted areas likely to demonstrate competencies.

Flexibility: Adapt the tool to your coaching style by manually converting the highlighted areas to align with your specific competency model.


Empowering Coaching Practices

1.Peer Reviews. Utilize the tool in peer reviews to quickly identify strengths and areas for improvement.

2. Student self assessment and reflection. Use highlighted segments to point out areas where mentees can improve or build upon existing skills.

3.Training Programs. Integrate Competency Finder in training modules to have extra set of intelligent eyes helping mentor coaches.


The RaeNotes Competency Finder is designed to be an assistant, not a substitute. It brings out the moments worth your attention but leaves the intricate task of conducting assessments to you, the expert.

Our platform's ability to detect coaching questions is primarily based on open-source questions and learning materials and contributions from our dedicated community of coaches. They willingly share lists of questions to improve the platform's functionality without compromising confidentiality. We do not utilize any confidential audio, video, or text data to train chatbots.


“RaeNotes Competency Finder has revolutionized how I approach coaching. It's like having an extra set of intelligent eyes helping me in real-time.“
Mike R.,
Registered Mentor Coach, ICF
“ It's definitely impressive, and I'm appreciating how you've moved AI into Raenotes, as an assistance for both teachers and students. It's the best of AI tutoring!“
Meg J,
Registered Mentor Coach, ICF