The Assessment workflow is designed to provide more flexibility with how reviews are conducted.

To start or request an Assessment click the 'Assessment' button on the top of the screen.

1. Select core competency model

2. Select assessment type

#1 Student review. All participants can see comments when the review is in progress and edit each other's comments.

#2 Independent review. All participants can see comments only after everyone has completed their review.

#3 Multi-party review. All participants can see comments when the review is in progress BUT can't edit each other's comments.

3. Invite reviewers

Input the reviewer's email or a team/user name. Available options will appear in the drop down menu.

Choose the role for the user or team.

Supervisor. Two-step submission process. A Supervisor can revise the assessor's comments before the assessment is sent to the student.

Required The required reviewer should submit the review. Participants don't see the comments until all required assessors submit their review. This option works in conjunction with the Independent Review option.

Optional Optional reviewers are not required to complete the review in order for users to view comments. So long as all Required reviewers have submitted their review, comments will be made visible.

Muted. The same as optional reviewer but without progress email notifications progress.

Watcher. A 'Watcher' can see the review without submitting his review.

4. Click SEND

Required and Optional reviewers receive an email notification from RaeNotes.


The owner of the file and the user with edit/share permissions.

You don't have enough permissions to change the assessment settings or required reviewers have not completed their review yet and have not clicked the 'SUBMIT' button.

Required reviewers have not completed their review yet and clicked the 'SUBMIT' button.

Yes. Open the assessment dialog and click the trash icon.

Yes, if the Student review was choosen then it's possible to change the assessment type.

Yes for the Student review.

Open the assessment view and click the icon next to the transcript

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