Transcription & Assessment platform

Export a transcript and notes

These steps show how to export the transcript as a text document and the pre-filled ICF assessment form.

  1. To export a transcript click "Export" icon on in the top right corner.
  2. export tranctiption
  3. Choose the export format. For Microsoft Word choose DOCX.
  4. export tranctiption
  5. Select export options.
  6. icf tranctiption
  7. Click Download.
  8. Check your "Downloads" folder and open the exported file.
  9. The exported document contains the pre-filled ICF assessment form, a transcription, and your comments.
  10. The exported transcript has a tabular structure where you can select columns with timestamps and speakers and delete them if needed
  11. export tranctiption
  12. You can copy and paste just the text of the exported transcript without formating by right-clicking in your Word document and selecting the “Keep Text Only” icon (depicted as a clipboard with the letter “A” in the corner).

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