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ICF core competencies

RaeNotes supports ICF, EMCC and custom markers. If you have a modified coaching rubric, please, contact us, and we can certainly explore how we can configure the platform to meet your specific use case.

  1. To enable ICF markers, choose the ICF Mentor Coaching profile.
  2. Select competencies type from the dropdown or change them for the specific assessment.

    Note! Embedded outcome markers depend on the type of ICF core competency you choose.


    ICF Updated PCC Markers (2020) Open ICF updated core competency

    ICF Updated Competencies (2019) Open ICF updated core competency

    ICF PCC Markers (2014) Open ICF pcc competency

    ICF Original Competencies (1999) Open ICF core competency

    ICF Team Competencies Open

  3. Every competency has submarkers according to the ICF model.
  4. RaeNotes allows coaches to post voice and text notes on every marked competency.

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