AI Competency Finder

The RaeNotes Competency Finder identifies potential areas where coaching competencies are demonstrated within a session. It highlights portions of the text where there's a high likelihood of spotting a competency.

For mentor coaches, this means that you can see parts of the transcription that likely contain observations or areas for development. You can then manually convert these highlighted sections into coaching markers, aligning them with your specific competency model. Please note that while this tool highlights potential areas of interest, it won't auto-generate an assessment review; it merely points out moments where a mentor coach might find observations.

1. Open a RaeNotes document.

2. At the top right corner, tap three dots button.

3. Select 'Competency Finder'.

4. Wait 5 minutes to see the magic.

5. Check 'OUTCOMES' panel to find a new category 'AI Competencies'.

6. Edit the AI Competency to replace it with a demostrated competency.

7. To hide AI Competencies use 'Uncheck all' button or 'Hide AI-generated'.

8. AI Competencies are not included in the Export file unless you converted them into a specific competency.

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