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Buy credits

How to recharge your balance.

  1. Go to the 'Buy credits' page from the profile menu or from 'Balance' and 'Estimate' dialogs.
  2. Enter the amount of credits you would like to add to your prepaid balance.

    1 credit = $1 USD is a minimum payment requirement.
    Pay $6 to add 6 credits to your account for transcribing 1-hour recording (60 minutes x $0.10).
    Pay $49 to add 49 credits to your account and buy a subscription for RaeNotes Professional plan.

  3. Click 'Checkout'.

    You will be redirected to the payment service provider website. All payments are handled by Stripe Inc. RaeNotes Inc does not gather or collect any payment-related information.

  4. If you want to upgrade to Professional plan go to the 'Change plan' page and choose RaeNotes Professional plan.

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